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ddiction treatment needs to be focused, structured, and customized to meet your needs and situation. There should be no reason that you go through addiction on your own, and there should be no reason that you go through an addiction recovery program at a drug rehab center that is not made or designed for you, but one that everyone at the facility receives. As you read on about the structure of our program, you will see how it will be personalized to your needs and focused on your betterment.

While you begin the process of drug addiction treatment, you will go through withdrawal in our drug detox clinic. This process is when your body expels any harmful chemicals still left over that keep you dependent upon your drug of choice. While this occurs, you will go through some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that will cause you discomfort. This is why you need our professionals to watch over you and your progress interminably to ensure detox is as safe, comfortable, and efficient as it can be.

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Aftercare Services
After becoming comfortable sharing to your therapist, you will begin sharing with a group.
Holistic Care
This will also be where you receive professional advice and screening and any necessary treatment for dual diagnosis mental health issues.
Dual Diagnosis

Then you will move on receiving personal therapy from a counselor who will help you create your addiction program, which will be customized to your needs and comprehensively altered to meet them throughout.

During group meetings, you will work with your peers to share your stories, support each other, and exchange insightful advice that will be both constructive and helpful.

This kind of empathy is crucial to any addiction treatment. The bonds you form here may last into aftercare, where you will begin treatment on your own.

When you go to leave our addiction recovery facility, you will leave with the support of everyone you’ve met and the guidance of your comprehensive addiction treatment plan. Everything in our treatment is getting your ready for this, when you will live on your own and go through treatment outside our drug rehab clinic.